3 SEO Tricks To Improve Your Small Business Google Rankings2 min read

3 SEO Tricks To Improve Your Small Business Google Rankings

Sometimes you have to find different ways to do things. Some people stick with tradition and do their work the old-fashioned way. Then there are some that are always toeing the line and pushing the envelope to find better ways to get the same or even better result. This holds true when discussing SEO also. There are a few tricks that might allow your content to ascend the rankings in a short time period.

Speak the Language

If you know what people are talking about and more importantly, how they are talking then it gives you a better chance of improving rankings. The reason is because you are able to alter your keywords for what is popular and what is being searched. A simple exercise might be to search for articles from a similar source and then see what words are being used consistently. You can then search those words in Google and find more articles. Basically, you are compiling data so that you can adequately nail your research later.

You Just Made the List!

Exploring company listings which can be found locally and nationally and they all people to learn on where to find you. These citations should be new and consistent. This will allow your business to thrown out into the public eye. In local markets you could make local landing pages. This allows more eyes on your content. Make sure that these pages are up to date with location and contact information. This is important because Google is tracking your time, so it is important that you are making the most out of it by refining the way you are optimizing.

Tracking Progress

If you aren’t tracking your progress then it raises the question, “what are you doing this for?” When you track and evaluate it allows you to refine your SEO strategies and see what is works and what you should push aside. There are a number of areas to track progress including: keyword rankings, time, mobile bounce rate, conversions, and total likes and shares. This type of work might seem tedious and time-consuming, but it will be worth it. If you aren’t ranking to your expectations, taking the time to go back through thoroughly might make a difference. It can be a daunting task. It might be an area where you split up some responsibility, so all projects don’t wear you down. Have a few people look over different areas and then reach a final determination on the best course of action.

How can SEOleads.io help?

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